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The company was founded as Curtis PMC in 1985, and was initially located in Dublin, CA. Curtis California is one of the world’s largest controller technical centers and is a highly specialized engineering facility focused on the design and development of advanced motor speed controllers for electric vehicles of all types. A motor speed controller is an electronic device that is used to vary the speed (revolutions per minute) of an electric motor by varying the voltage and/or current to the motor. This allows an electric vehicle to smoothly accelerate, decelerate and forward/reverse.

Curtis controllers are internationally recognized for their technical advancement, reliability and performance. That’s why millions of Curtis PMC motor speed controllers have been sold to EV OEMs worldwide. Globally, all types of industrial, utility, airport, recreational and light-on road vehicles and wheelchairs use Curtis PMC brand controllers. Whether it is a forklift or a golf car, a luggage carrier at airports or a neighborhood electric vehicle, chances are that it is powered by Curtis. Curtis PMC was a green technology company from the get-go, even before the term was popularized, contributing globally to zero-emission transportation.

TWP_Bay_Area_2019_AW_Dark_350.pngEmployees, many of whom drive their electric cars to work, commute from all over the tri-valley region, with most of our staff living within a 30-mile radius of the Livermore facility.

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