The Curtis "Ten Points": Our Corporate Principles

The 10-Points are the operating principles which guide our daily work & relationships with our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

  1. Our people are our most important resource.
  2. Our customers are the source of our well-being: every person in the company is responsible for exceeding customer expectations.
  3. Our products must embody the best technology that is available, while meeting the needs of our markets.
  4. We strive to design and manufacture only one level of quality - the highest.
  5. Each person in the company is responsible for its progress, and each person must share in its success.
  6. As a global company, we recognize that strength comes from the diversity of our culture.
  7. We believe in a work environment which encourages and permits each person a sense of his/her own worth.
  8. Relations with colleagues, with customers, and with vendors must be conducted with integrity and fairness.
  9. Creativity in our engineering and in all aspects of our activities is the most essential ingredient of our progress.
  10. Curtis companies are citizens of the larger community and we have a responsibility to contribute to its well-being and progress.
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