Let Curtis Help Shape Your Future

We welcome recent graduates to join our growing team, many of whom are hired following successful internships with the company.

Many students already know Curtis from using our products in the many technical schools, high school technology programs and college engineering programs that we support. We have helped hundreds of schools with designing and developing electric vehicles of all types as part of their student projects by contributing motor controllers, instrumentation and related technology. This gives young engineers of tomorrow the necessary tools, components and know-how to get hands-on technical skills by working with the best available systems technology. Several of the students in our sponsored tech programs have later joined the company as design engineers, application engineers and software developers.

Curtis also sponsors a paid internship program to provide hands-on, real life experiences to high school and college students, usually during the summer break. Our interns have worked in many of our departments on all types of projects, depending on their interest and major field of study. This has led to job offers for our interns, some of who are now in senior level positions with the company.

You might also find us at job fairs at your college or university. Or, check our current openings here or on LinkedIn.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Jeanne Eberhard

    I felt valued during my internship at Curtis because I was given a project that was meaningful to the company. I worked to automate a series of tests to verify the functionality of a Curtis motor controller. I found my internship both challenging and rewarding because of the technical nature of the work.

    Jeanne Eberhard

  • Sam Langdon

    Curtis helped me to push the limits of my technical and interpersonal skills on a project with real substance, and I could not be any more appreciative of my experience here.

    Sam Langdon

  • Katherine Licurse

    I’ve had a great summer at Curtis Instruments this year. As a logistics intern I gained exposure and real life experience in various aspects of supply chain. I was given the opportunity to conduct inventory and cost analysis on a global scale to improve transparency...

    Katherine Licurse

  • Patrick McGregor

    Interning at Curtis allowed me to supplement my studies with practical applications of theory and enabled me to further my education with a post graduate degree. Now working at Curtis full time I continue to learn new things and work on interesting projects.

    Patrick McGregor

  • Andrei Costin

    Working at Curtis this summer as an intern was the best career experience I could have asked for. I was working on real projects that were valued by the company. I’ve made apps, websites, and produced videos, things I never thought I would do.

    Andrei Costin

  • Corinne Rhea

    As an intern for Curtis this summer, I gained insight on the supply chain through projects that helped the company in various ways, which was rewarding to see. Having the opportunity to be exposed to the corporate world this early in my career was an invaluable experience I will never forget.

    Corinne Rhea

  • Angello Parrolivelli

    I feel that my knowledge of software and hardware has increased exponentially due to the amount of feedback and information I've been able to absorb from discussion with other engineers.

    Angello Parrolivelli

  • Evan Souza

    The work culture here at Curtis is one of the best I have ever seen. All of the people are very friendly, there are numerous events to look forward to each week and the work load is fun.

    Evan Souza