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Curtis AG, located in Bibersit, Switzerland, is one of the company's four Research and Development Centers. Curtis AG is a world leader in the design and development of modular control systems, specializing in high-end wheelchairs and rehabilitation vehicles. Thanks to our many years of experience and continuous innovation, Curtis AG is a global leader in this vital technology sector. The Curtis AG team has extraordinary know-how in the development of control systems for complex high-end wheelchairs for paraplegics and quadriplegics. Curtis control systems are used by world leading wheelchair manufacturers such as in the Quantum wheelchairs by US OEM Pride Mobility and Otto Bock, in Germany. On site specialties include:

  • Power electronics and motor control systems
  • CANbus based modular systems
  • Infrared and Bluetooth environmental control
  • Special input devices such as sip-and-puff controls, head controls, "Single Switch" controls, etc.
  • Innovative display modules with HD color display
  • Intelligent seat control systems with up to 10 channels
  • Versatile diagnostic and programming devices as well as mobile apps
  • Automated production testers
  • Automated validation test system

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