People Are Our Most Important Resource

At Curtis this is actually our number one operating principle, the first of the Curtis 10-Point tenets of our company – something we believe in strongly. We truly care about people & our people care about the company. That’s one reason why Curtis has won numerous workplace awards as ‘Best company-to-work-for’. That’s why our employees know that loyalty works both ways. That’s why our teams enjoy such high job satisfaction. It starts with the basic premise that people are people, and that the term “resource” is meant in that context. To achieve Innovation & Excellence we start by hiring the right people – those who are passionate about their work, people who are fully engaged and committed to serving our customers. We provide an environment that helps people be successful, and that they are in roles that accelerate their own growth and the success and growth of the company.

Imagine yourself at Curtis! We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Henry Lisko, Senior International Accountant

    One of the best perks of working for Curtis is a generous benefits package including tuition reimbursement, medical dental and vision benefit plans, 401k pension plan with fixed employer contribution, PTO, holiday bonus time off, and bonus time off on long weekends.

    Henry Lisko
    Senior International Accountant

  • Carol Daniel, Senior Accountant

    What impresses me the most is the tenure of the employees that work at Curtis, but when I met the President, Stuart Marwell, I realize that we stay here because Stuart treats us very well.

    Carol Daniel
    Senior Accountant

  • Tom Pergolizzi, Director of Global Sourcing & Supplier Quality Engineering

    Curtis has enabled me to experience professional growth, provided exposure to global challenges and have always supported a healthy work/life balance all within a “Family-Like” atmosphere.

    Tom Pergolizzi
    Director of Global Sourcing & Supplier Quality Engineering

  • Mihaela Costin, Senior Electrical Engineer

    When you apply for a job at Curtis, you do it for career advance; when, years later, you decide to stay, you do it also because of people. The people you are working with are not your colleagues, they are your friends.

    Mihaela Costin
    Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Nina Fernandes, Verification Engineer

    I’m constantly learning how to tackle new challenges at Curtis, both technical and professional. It’s so rewarding to receive positive feedback and see the results of my efforts.

    Nina Fernandes
    Verification Engineer

  • Jerry Gardner, Software Lead

    I like working with the extremely knowledgeable engineers who have many years of experience in software engineering and motor control.

    Jerry Gardner
    Software Lead

  • Kathy Kirby, Network & IT Support

    Curtis provides opportunities to grow my technical skills by offering me challenging projects, while being both supportive and showing appreciation.

    Kathy Kirby
    Network & IT Support

  • Rand Stadtman, Sr. FA Technologist

    My input is always given consideration, and there is no strict feeling of hierarchy or unapproachability between co-workers.

    Rand Stadtman
    Sr. FA Technologist

  • Raymond Kavlick, Software Engineer

    Curtis is very green and our products and engineering will inspire a new generation to embrace electric motors.

    Raymond Kavlick
    Software Engineer

  • Stuart Vash, Test Specialist

    The people are the best….but more importantly to me, it’s the variety of challenging projects I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with.

    Stuart Vash
    Test Specialist